Codice Mendini in Brera

With Mendini’s words: “Life is no planning. Planning needs for compelled frames. Behind creation, fantasy and eclecticism you have a dead end. A project will never reach a fixed, definitive, unquestionably true point”.

Alessandro Mendini (born 1931 in Milan) is one of the most acknowledged designers in Italian design history. He is famous for his postmodernist approach to modern design, working and being influenced by different cultures. The Proust Armchair belongs to his mind. “I just put a fake eighteenth century armchair in a Signac’s meadow”, the maestro said.

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Mendini is at the same time topic and main protagonist of Fulvio Irace’s “Codice Mendini, a new volume introduced in Accademia di Brera. The date is at the academy on Wednesday, May 11th, 6.30 P.M. Accademia di Brera is in via Brera 28 in Milan: you can find the meeting in Aula 10.

As Irace states in the intro, Mendini sowed a series of “motes” across his long career. Now, Mendini’s will it to take into consideration 9 topics (or “rules”) to better understand our time.

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The author and the designer will meet the audience in Accademia, together with Alberto Alessi, Francesco Garutti, Italo Lupi, Lea Vergine and Enrico Arosio. You can also read the intro by Irace here (in Italian). Electa publishes the volume by Fulvio Irace.

In this video, Mendini and Irace introduce you to the volume and to the ideas of the maestro,

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