Dolce & Gabbana has recently announced the launch of a collection specifically designed for the Middle Eastern market. The moves comes as the Gulf area is currently the largest market in the world for the luxury brands. The specific 2016/2017 winter collection is called “Abaya”, which is a usually black robe covering the entire body from head to toe.

As it is the first attempt of the firm to reach the market, the collection had mixed reviews but there is a lot of room for improvements. Most of the complaints concern the unlaborious design and its correlation with the tastes of the market.
According to Middle Eastern stylist Nabila Nazer, the hijab style is too sophisticated and the abaya, is out of fashion. Fashion blogger GhaliaMahmoudi on the other side, complained about the design of the line as she defined it as common and inappropriate for a luxurious brand.
The Italian firm is the first among the western luxury and fashion conglomerates to launch a specific line for the Arabic countries, a move which will probably lead other companies into this growing segment.