What is Dress Me Veg and how to support it

Italian Design Agency supports designers in their brand new projects. Here, we introduce Laura Carli and Dress Me Veg. Laura is an Italian fashion designer, who developed the idea for a 100% vegan clothing line. Dress Me Veg is a crowdfunding project: you can give your support here. Eppela is an Italian platform for crowdfunding devoted to high-quality objectives.

Laura’s line is meant to respect the nature and the animals, with no use of chemicals and animal products. We reached Laura for an interview over her ideas and goals.

IDA: How did you develop Dress me Veg idea?

LC: I’ve always worked as a fashion designer, with a 16-year experience in major firms. Then, I realized my ethical awareness was growing, and I felt that the fashion system didn’t belong me anymore. I felt the need to create a clothing line close to me. I have been vegan for more than four years, and I developed a growing awareness over ethical and environmental topics. This is now my job and my passion.

IDA: Is there a lack of awareness in the fashion system?

LC: There is a widespread use of leather, but at the same time we need a deeper awareness for any fabric garment. No one really cares but wool comes from the sheep fleece. Silk has an animal origin as well. I don’t want to support this kind of commerce. Plus, dyes used for clothing have either animal origin, or chemicals. This has consequences for the animals and the environment. With our organic cotton, we don’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and dyeing is handmade.

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IDA: How did you develop your knowledge for organic cotton?

LC: I got interested recently and I learned. I reached people working the sector, they showed me the techniques. The natural dyeing is so beautiful, it’s not plain and simple like the industrial ones. Colors are alive, and they have the peculiarity to be not monotonous at all. Plus, every item has a bit more of fashion soul with rhinestones, laces, gemstones, prints. We add them after the dyeing.

IDA: Why did you choose crowdfunding?

LC: I had a financial need for help. There is a growing general interest for vegan ethics: this project is 100% vegan, as every person involved in the project is. If you want to give opportunity and visibility to a project, you prefer to give them to someone like you. The e-shop is not online yet but when it is, the e-commerce will be there. I’m also proud to say that 5% of the revenues is destined to EssereAnimali, an Italian organization protecting animal rights. They are one of the most important organizations in Italy, with trusty, reliable and helpful people.

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IDA: What is the main goal for Dress Me Veg?

LC: We aim to spread a higher awareness in the clothing industry. Everyone cares about vegetarian and vegan feeding: not so much for the fashion system and the industry. There is an important message here. Dressing with a low environmental impact is possible.

Click here to support Dress Me Veg on Eppela

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