Home is Design: a conversation with Gala Rotelli

Gala Rotelli worked together with Italian Design Agency for Home is Design, IDA’s event and concept for the 2016 London Design Festival, on Oct. 22. Here’s a conversation with Gala about her feelings and hopes for the future.

galarotelli gala rotelli Home is Design: a conversation with Gala Rotelli GalaRotelli

IDA: Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Gala Rotelli: My name is Gala, I graduated in architecture and I’ve always tried to develop my ideas through new and different shapes and materials. For this reason, I started to design and realize objects in marble, glass and ceramic for interiors and for silver and bronze jewelry. In 2015 I founded my brand – www.galarotelli.com. Studying and living in London and NYC influenced my curiosity very much, with an transversal approach for my forma mentis. I call my design “Poetry Design” because I’d like it to be like a poetry, speaking directly to the emotions through intangible lines.

IDA: What does Home is Design represent to you?

Gala Rotelli: Home is Design to me is international environment: this is the first time I displayed my works in London and I’d love to do it again. Furthermore, it’s about influence and suggestion: the chance to keep in contact with an institutional reality and with different people.


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IDA: How have you been involved into this project and what is your contribution?

Gala Rotelli: I was involved by IDA and by Francesco Santilli. Francesco was one of the first to see my prototypes and to listen to my plan, which is not only about design but about communication too. What I try do do is indeed trying to concentrate not only on shape and function but also on what they arouse: from a personal sensation I try to express an emotion. For the event I designed a blown glass bottle, with a leaf-shaped top (this is part of the series “Oggetti Sospesi”) and a marble chopping board. They represent a precarious state but also lightness, an intense lightness just like Calvino meant it.

IDA: What are your hopes for the London Design Festival?

Gala Rotelli: It would be great to have the chance to develop through IDA new projects in collaboration with individuals and companies.

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