Meet IDA designers – Sandro Gonnella – Ozona Occhiali

Sandro Gonnella is “il Sarto degli Occhiali”. He founded Ozona – a sartorial eyewear firm – in 2006, after a growing experience as designer in several companies.
He got a Special Mention at Pitti Uomo in 2010, and he was included by the Italian government in Young Blood, annual of Italian talents. At the same time, Vogue included him among the most important emerging designers.

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Sandro Gonnella

His talk at TEDxIED in 2014 is called “There is an Italy that moves, acts and is the protagonist of change”. Sandro Gonnella is also a visiting professor at IED – European Institute for Design – in Milan, and he teaches fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.
In 2015, Ozona’s founder participated at an exhibition of AltaRoma with “OMERO” –  sartorial glasses with its particular bridge imbedded third eye.

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Circe, Ozona Occhiali

IDA: A definition that better suits you as a person, before than as a designer?
SG: I feel like an explorer, an adventurer that loves travel for planning, more than for discovering.

IDA: Tell us about your personal evolution, in order to explain why you started focusing on design
SG: With my passion for art, painting and sculpture in particular, my wish was to begin a training path, so that I could be able to use the best colors and tools for both of the arts. Working into design, I can use colors in so many ways and I can use tools to alter the substance. No other job could have given me the chance to put into practice my true passions, giving me fun and gratification to create a “sculpture” so essential for many of us, like glasses.

IDA: Where does your inspiration comes from, how do you focus and stick on a project?
SG: Inspiration is a strictly personal concept, and I sincerely can’t say where it comes from. It’s like a light flash taking the shape of a concept. It’s a color coming to life over an object, it’s a sound making feel emotions that I can turn into lines.
To stick on a project, memory is my best friend. She’s helped by my notebook, where I save and keep images, signs, marks. Sometimes words are cryptic, absolutely unintelligible to strangers.

IDA: What is design all about?
SG: In my job, design means Beauty in every possible shade. It means balance, it means matching of colors, symmetry or asymmetry as the case may be. It means training, respect, love and passion.

Sandro Gonnella’s portfolio – Ozona Occhiali


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