Meet IDA designers – Laura Calligari

Laura Calligari (born in Livorno – 1978) lives in Florence: she’s an architect, designer and design blogger. Atelier Macramè was born in 2013, aiming to focusing on artifacts for both home and contract design. The products come in limited edition but they can also be serially realized, through old fashioned materials and at the same time new technologies as 3D printing and laser cutting.


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IDA: A definition that better suits you as a person, before than as a designer?

LC: Inevitably, multitasking.

IDA: Tell us about your personal evolution, in order to explain why you started focusing on design
LC: I studied Arts: I had a passion for painting, then I eventually came studying architecture at the university. I graduated in 2010 and starting from then, my story with design has started. I began dealing with design as a blogger and co-founder of a design and interior design magazine. Then, passion for the topic and several meetings made me realize I needed to design myself. Curiosity and opportunities brought me to autoproduction design, and to designing objects and artifacts.

IDA: Where does your inspiration comes from, how do you focus and stick on a project?

LC: Everyday life is my first source of inspiration. I love trying to interpret ideas, trying to tell stories through my little creatures. But I don’t want to forget that they always need to be functional.

IDA: What is design all about?

LC: Design can mean many different things. I don’t believe there is a magic formula. I think the proper balance between aesthetics and functionality can be, in some ways, what I like to find in a design project, as something helping us to live better.

Laura Calligari’s porfolio

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