Meet IDA designers – Roberto Mitolo

Roberto Mitolo was born in 1986. He is an architect from Politecnico di Torino in 2011. He loves Art and Design. He has joined to a lot of collective exhibitions showing his talent and Design.

IDA: A definition that better suits you as a person, before than as a designer?

LC: Transparent. When I relate to people I’m frank and honest. It’s easy to get what’s in my mind. Maybe, today this is more a flaw rather then a virtue.

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IDA: Tell us about your personal evolution, in order to explain why you started focusing on design
LC: During my time in Politecnico di Torino I had been attending professional studios: working made me realize that architecture has is characterized by a very long process, also limited by regulations and bureaucracy. At the same time, painting and sculpture, which are my fields, really have no limit, or any concrete accessibility.  So I needed a relief valve for my desire to create. An immediate and free desire, but at the same time concrete and with a possible target. Design seemed to me a good direction.

IDA: Where does your inspiration comes from, how do you focus and stick on a project?

LC: I take inspiration from everything I see and strikes me. Beauty lies on the elaborating process for the inputs, which are sometimes different among them. I usually start from contests and public announcements, and I realize my proposals.

IDA: What is design all about?

LC: I think that design is giving shape to a function, or to a necessity. Aesthetics is subjective, so it should be supposed to come only later in the creative process. Its relevance is debatable.

Roberto Mitolo’s portfolio

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