Meet Mia Luna, a brand story by Maria Moscato

Maria Moscato is an eclectic American designer from San Diego, California who has lived in Bologna, Italy for 18 years. She loves to mix concepts from her background in world travel, fine art, ecological design with passion for yoga and meditation. Her current focus project is an ecological clothing brand called Mia Luna- made in and inspired by Italy. The name comes from selenite rock- or “moon” stone which is the foundation material for Bologna and also the material of her home-atelier. Its metaphysical properties for opening up the energy centers, or chakras, in our bodies coincidentally matched up with a body of work she created called “chakra-infused prints”.

The prints made their way onto simple tee shirts which have now evolved into a complete collection of clothing. Mia Luna is a new product on the cutting edge of an inundated market of yoga clothing which speaks sameness in the USA. In response to Italy’s growing passion for yoga and a holistic lifestyle, Mia Luna is a unique brand that unites form, function and spirit all in the Italian style.

mia-luna-hot-yoga  Meet Mia Luna, a brand story by Maria Moscato mia luna hot yoga
From the Mia Luna Hot Rocks collection

Let’s meet Maria!

IDA: A definition that better suits you as a person, before than as a designer?
MM: I’m an eclectic and curious person.
IDA: Tell us about your personal evolution, in order to explain why you started focusing on design
MM: I’ve been creating art my whole life. I began as a fine artist and decided to pursue design when I worked in visual merchandising. I loved taking home funky store props and making them into furniture!
Today I combine my fine art with design and really see how they merge more than they are separate. Consider how much fine art is used to ‘design’ the interior of homes and offices, just as much as the furniture is.
IDA: Where does your inspiration comes from, how do you focus and stick on a project?
MMMy latest project Mia Luna is a line of clothing and fine art inspired by Bologna’s mother rock, selenite, and my passion for yoga.
Living in a house made of selenite in a historical borgo in Bologna’ hills, I was fascinated by the history, properties and beauty of this rock. As a yoga practitioner I loved discovering that this rock is also a chakra stone and used in meditation. The plant and floral growth spurting from the rock’s surface initiated a series of prints dedicated to meditation and yoga. I took a lot of inspiration to build the floral motifs from Bologna’s architecture: freizes, wrought iron and church frescos.
IDA: What is design all about?
MMDesign needs to be functional as well as beautiful and make our life easier and more pleasant. We need to be able to walk into our home or exterior spaces and feel good and happy.
I love design that incorporates the element of nature in a contemporary way- which connects with the human quality in a modern age.