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Nerina Di Nunzio is Rome director for IED – Istituto Europeo di Design. IDA contacted Nerina Di Nunzio for an interview about IED and the new projects of the institute.

IDA: What do students look for, when they apply to IED?

Nerina Di Nunzio: IED, for a young and fresh guy or girl, means feeding a passion. It’s precisely this passion that we transform into a job and into a profession. Along the years in IED, students become professionals able to step into the labor market, with a better wealth of information compared to regular universities. In IED, students find a guide bringing them towards their own future, with an approach to design thinking that guarantees them to make the difference, after the diploma.

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IDA: How is the relationship with the students, after the training course?

Nerina Di Nunzio: For the IED education strategy, a constant relationship with the labor market is crucial. IED Roma has a Placement Office, working in junction between firms, companies and students. At the same time, the office is available to review the resumes and the portfolios for the Career Days. The Career Days are indeed open days to plan meetings with the firms, with lectures about personal branding and about the professional use of social networks like LinkedIn. The Placement Office also runs the Facebook page IED Alumni, where students and alumni can find job opportunities and internships.

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IDA: What are the top 3 keys to success for Italian design?

Nerina Di Nunzio: – Historical experience, thanks to the great names of the past still essential even now (Bruno Munari, Ettore Sottsass, Gaetano Pesce, Alessandro Mendini, Gio Ponti, Andrea Branzi)

– Originality and uniqueness of the Italian products abroad

– Institutes to train for excellence (with high-level professors, up-to-date contents, connections with the companies), like IED, carrying forward their own mission. For IED, this mission is offering young creatives a full formation, and a culture for the project, staying with them for the rest of their life.

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IDA: Is there some particular case of success among designers attending IED?

Nerina Di Nunzio: There are many success stories among our alumni. We have famous names in the international scene, standing out in acknowledged brands, and also founding companies with their own name. To name a few, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative directors at Valentino; stylists Marco De Vincenzo e Giambattista Valli, working for the cat walk of the Paris Fashion Week. Along the years, several start ups bravely chose an independent path after the diploma in IED. Among the youngest, I’d like to recommend Marta Antonell iand her patent cruelty free Ligneah, the tech bags by Sara Giunti, the experience of Mario Alessiani as product designer in several companies, and Davide Barreca and his skates made from pine needles and recycled materials.

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IDA: IDA’s mission is to promote Made in Italy Design in the world. Do you have any suggestions to give us to better reach our mission?

Nerina Di Nunzio: Today, everything goes fast on the web. The key to success for sure is a thoughtful presence on social media and on web platforms. IDA should have the ambition to become one of the most important websites among the trendsetters. A landmark to read fresh news, suggestions, foretastes. Communication travels through a careful research and through the production of original content. Mixing these factors makes the perfect combination for something exclusive. In short words: being unique and making a difference.

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IDA: IED Career Days is planned for July 18th. Any particularity you’d like to share?

Nerina Di Nunzio: IED Career Days will be on July 18th and 19th. It’s a two-day format for the new and fresh alumni and for the Masters students. The goal is to give to the students the operative tools to find a path in the labor market, through meetings with experts, interviews with companies, full advice over self-employment, startups and personal branding. The days will be about corporate innovation, communication strategies, social tools, online job hunting and crowdfunding. The talks will go alongside job interviews run by several companies and firms, hosted in Rome.

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