Out of the blue – Ceramiche Este Porcellane

Introducing Gala Rotelli, artisan designer working with several hand-crafted firms. In this post, a conversation with Isabelle from Ceramiche Este Porcellane.


Isabelle, green eyes, is the same age as me. Her family has been leading “Ceramiche Este Porcellane” for three generations: the firm was founded in 1795 by Girolamo Franchini. “When my great grandfather took hold Este Ceramiche, he found several ancient moulds whose shape is still fashonable – she describes smiling. “To carry out the examples, he tried to produce that immaculate white porcelain, so typical of our production today”.

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We are walking through the rooms of a cozy mansion, which totally smells like tradition. On a wall, several tromple-l’oeils are exhibited: Isabelle explains to me that originally, every vegetable or fruit had its own course. “They used to serve them at the end of the meal, after so many dishes for the commensals”. The portrayed themes are many, both traditional and contemporary topics but always, rigorously handmade. “We have three decorators and they garnish it all with so much patience. Precision is so important too: the slightest mistake is enough to stop the object at the quality check and to discard it. We also test colors and shapes by working on commission, through co-branding with famous fashion and jewelry brands like Dior or Tiffany”.

Every object’s own magic lies in its peculiarity: it’s impossible for it to be the same as the previous one, by still being similar. Magic is both the enthusiasm and the care everyone spends with their actions. It’s the whiteness of an unexpectedly shaped ceramic: ancient, yet evocative shapes.

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