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What is it about?

Dress Me Veg is a new born project, born to be sure that no animal has been abused during the whole garment production process. Being in organic cotton only, contain no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, which are highly polluting. Garments are manually dyed using plants extracts only: no chemical or animal substance is used for that. Avoiding all industrial processes, Dress Me Veg helps in preserving nature: there are no polluting substances to damage environment.

Dress Me Veg helps animals in an active way as well: once e-commerce will start, 5% of profit will go toward Essere Animali, one of the most active and concrete Onlus organization for animal rescue.

Dress Me Veg is a 100% vegan project: all our collaborators are vegan, and in future also we’ll have all vegan people working with us; we love to give opportunities to people we share our thinking with.

Giving your contribute to our project on Eppela, you’ll be one of the first to wear a Dress Me Veg garment: in fact, our crowdfunding campaign is actually a pre-sale where you can buy your t-shirt at a cheaper special price! Don’t miss this chance!!

We believe that a better world is possible; do you? 🙂

How funds will be used

Purpose of crowdfunding is to pay the firs Dress Me Veg production: we have to pay the factory that make the t-shirts, then we have to buy the plants extracts and the material to dye each garment manually, and we have to buy the embellishments. Moreover, if we pay everything we’ll invest a bit more for next collection, and we’ll get the “Vegan Ok” mark for our product.




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